Sange as a coach

Sange has left behind her job as a Secondary Teacher in order to follow her passion, devoting her time to creating opportunities for the next generation of beach volleyball stars.

She has been involved in the sport for 16 years and specialized in Beach Volleyball for the past 8 years. She has a passion for coaching, keen eye for technical detail and most of all loves seeing the kids have fun and learning new skills. She has coached beach volleyball for Beginners, prepared Junior Victorian and World Masters athletes and Coached Australian Teams at the World Youth Championships and Youth Olympics..

Some of my beliefs:

-       Design a game around your body type, no two people are the same

-       Repetition builds skill, you have to work hard to get results

-       Anyone at any height can play the game

-       Foster a desire to compete and win in athletes

-       Allow athletes to utilize knowledge of external conditions to aid their game

Contact Sange :

0413 607 028