Haydn Ellis

Haydn Ellis has been coaching professional beach volleyball for over ten years. He has coached and trained a large number of the top players from both NSW and Victoria. He currently coaches Owen Boland and Damien Schumann in their preparation for overseas competition including the FIVB World Tour. He has also coached a number of Victoria’s top coaches including Chris Burns, Peter Jones and Greg Jury.

Rather than self-promote Haydn prefers to coach by example and through experience. If you want to learn more about why so many of the country’s top players are being coached by Haydn then feel free to book in for a trial lesson and make up your own mind. Here are some of Haydn’s key principles for your consideration.

  1. Beach volleyball is not a game only for tall people.
  2. Since the change in court size from 9x9m to 8x8m the techniques employed have had to change in order for shorter players to be successful.
  3. Beach volleyball is not a game of indoor volleyball played on sand. Not only is the game style itself different but the techniques employed are different including spiking technique.
  4. Haydn has developed a technique called ‘High Snap Hitting’ to specifically enable shorter players to compete successfully on the smaller court.
  5. The development of speed in all its forms including technique execution, physical movement, mental quickness and strategic game play is extremely important.
  6. Understanding how the human being functions is essential in providing coaching that is relevant, not only to the physical self but in development of the subconscious faculties.
  7. Mastering the ‘Art of War’ in beach volleyball can help players to win games when matched against players of greater technical and physical ability.
  8. Beach volleyball is not a coach's game. You can be coached to learn the skills and to understand the game but ultimately you have to learn to think for yourself.


Haydn also writes articles for his web site www.beachvolleyballartofwar.com teaching principles and giving examples of the art of war as it applies to winning beach volleyball games. Haydn coaches out of Manly Beach NSW for 3 weeks of the month, and in Melbourne Victoria for one week per month. He operates under the auspices of the Sydney Beach Volleyball School in Manly and coaches out of Insportz Sandringham when in Melbourne.